Autostitch is a free program that takes multiple snapshots and combines them into a single paroramic image.

Autostitch is remarkably easy to use. If your snapshots are rightside-up you don't need to do anything but open them from inside the program. In the following examples I specified two additional things:

  • My snapshots were sideways. Autostitch rotated them itself.
  • I wanted the output panoramas to be 4000 pixels wide.

Autostitch is available here:

The free version of Autostitch is limited to combining a single row of snapshots. Commercial programs containing the Autostitch technology are available that can combine multiple rows (or a two-dimensional array) of snapshots into a single large image.

The snapshots for these panoramas were taken May 13, 2007 on Mitchell Coleman's property on Corliss Road.

Click on the links below to view the panoramas in higher resolution. The uncropped images are the Autostitch output. The edges of the uncropped images show the contortions Autostitch does to the snapshots to make everything line up.

The backyard and pond from the deck

This is slightly more than 180 degrees. Mitch's backyard doesn't look this wide in real life. Note the lighting change in the middle. A small cloud drifted over the sun when I took those snapshots.


1200x210 70KB
1980x346 176KB
3965x693 654KB
4000x811 915KB (uncropped)


The Missisquoi River

This is slightly less than 180 degrees. The river does bend but not nearly as much as the panorama makes it appear.


1200x270 93KB
1991x448 268KB
3982x896 954KB
4000x1093 1369KB (uncropped)



The stream running on one side of Mitch's lot has the ruins of a stone dam on it. The dam was probably built in the mid-1800's to power an up-and-down saw mill. Pages 29, 45, and 65 of Jack C. Salisbury's book "Richford Vermont: Frontier Town" mention the large number of small sawmills in Richford in that era.


1191x600 290KB
1856x935 632KB
3713x1870 1903KB
4000x2170 2704KB (uncropped)

  This is the other side of the wall above. The wall is on the right. There is evidence of stonework on the hill but this picture doesn't show it well.


1030x300 127KB
2061x600 445KB
3864x1125 1340KB
4000x1379 1924KB (uncropped)

  Another wall a little bit upstream. This may have been built to force water from a contributary stream to enter the main stream earlier than it did originally.


1292x600 298KB
1932x897 590KB
3866x1795 1823KB
4000x1987 2439KB (uncropped)